Tuesday, March 11, 2014

twenty two

Twenty two ...Honestly never thought id live to see twenty one but it feels good to say im on my new journey of twenty two. This year has been full of so many things. Things this year have changed, & things have stayed. Ive changed zip codes, jobs, hair color, likes; dislikes. Made new friends, lost some. My sister & i have made it back to each other again. Jared & i are still together, just as in love as the first moment we layed eyes on each other in that airport for the first time, i will never love another like i love that man & not a single thing has changed there. My passions are still very much the same, i ache for the music i crave always, singing more & still i can see myself owning a small record label one day & scouting bands for a living along w producing. thats always been the goal. I found a new love for fashion & have been blessed to work w some insanely talented people from all over the world. Life has taken quite a toll on my health, body & sanity at times but i know everything will be okay someday & the pain will be gone. Its funny, sometimes i think day by day we often feel as though nothing is changing & then when we look back to years past we realize SO much has changed. Time goes by so fast its scary & life is so short. Im realizing lately that its easier just to give my hand to God & let him guide me rather than trying to control things myself & having more faith in Him & in myself. This year i hope to make a massive leap toward my end goal & dream, to visit my amazing momma & my home town more frequently, to just let go of the toxic things & people in life that serve no purpose, strengthen my walk with the Lord, get involved in organizations that inspire me & that are important to me, stand up for myself more often (learning that its okay to say "no"), see as many concerts & shows possible, fuel my creatitivity more than my work ethic & to always make steps to being better ....a better daughter, a better girlfriend, a better friend, a better me. Cheers to always striving to be a better person because in the end its all you have. You only have one name in this life so theres never a limit to bettering yourself. One foot in front of the other. Twenty two, im ready for you, bring it on.