Sunday, January 26, 2014

"STYLE SAINTS" Katelynne Quinn

Some may know Katelynne Quinn as wife of Kellin Quinn, lead singer of band "Sleeping with Sirens" but let me tell you this busy woman is making quite the name for herself. I was lucky enough to really get inside the head of this beautiful + so so sweet up + coming fashion icon/ clothing designer + mother of three. Trust me, I am lusting over this beauty as much as everyone else. If I could I would keep her in my pocket + have her style me daily  ;) What I've found so intriguing + inspiring about Katelynne is that even being so stunning + saught after, she is still so incredibly humble. Lots of love for this girl.

SS: Okay, Katelynne. We're all dying to know, how did you + Kellin meet?
KQ: We met in cosmetology school many years ago, he is a licensed hairstylist + I'm an esthetician. 

SS: So tell us about the many hats of Katelynne Quinn ..Style expert, clothing designer, writier, mother of three + wife of a rockstar? Anything hidden that we dont know of? 
KQ: To be honest just hearing you list them all makes me want to take a long nap ;) I would just like to add that I do all of thee above while chasing my 1 1/2 year old daughter.

SS: What is AnthemMade + what do you love most about designing clothing?
KQ: I guess the freedom to create whatever I want, whatever I'm feeling at the moment. Anthemmade is a clothing line that was started by my husband + his good friend-screen printer Jason Hanlin, myself + Danielle Hanlin design the girls portion of the line. 

SS: What are your three beautiful childrens names + describe your relationship with them.
KQ: Liam, Rowan + Copeland. I'm the mean mommy that makes them eat their vegetables, do their homework + brush their teeth ;) 

SS: How would you describe your personal style? Aside from flawless + effortless? ;)
KQ: I'd describe my personal style as classic with a rock n roll edge.

SS: What are some of your "go to" or favorite clothing brands?
KQ:  I shop online a lot so definitely Nasty Gal, Topshop, Zara, are my go to favs. My favorite designers, my Alexander's, Wang + Mcqueen as well as Saint Laurent + Isabel Marant.

SS: What is your favorite look on stylish + talented husband Kellin?
KQ: I prefer when he keeps it simple, a tee, beanie + jacket, I mean he can't really go wrong, the guy looks great in everything!

SS: You seem to live quite the busy + exciting life, what does the Quinn Family enjoy doing together on a casual day?
KQ: On the rare occasion that were all home together with nothing else going on we get take out + have movie marathons + just enjoy our children.

SS: Girl, how do you juggle it all? Espresso drip to the viens? ;)
KQ: I would not be alive without my espresso!

SS: Do you pull fashion inspiration from anyone in particular?
KQ: Kate Moss for sure, she's perfection.

SS: You seem so humble about everything, how do you deal with everyone always having an opinion about your life + relationship? We see the instagram comment chaos ;) 
KQ: That took some getting use to, I guess you just toughen up + deal with it after awhile, other things are more important to me than the opinion of complete strangers via Instagram ;) 

SS: What do you wear that makes you feel most sexy? We all know we have those few items!
KQ: Lately, leather leggings! I wear them with basically everything.

SS: Can you share any inside info about those long luscious brunette locks? Obsessed!!
KQ: I have to give the hair credit to my sister/ hairstylist Kendra, it's her masterpiece ;) 

SS: To me self expression is so important. What do you teach your littles about expressing themselves?
KQ: My children are all very diverse + confident individuals. I encourage them to try new things, figure out what you enjoy + what you're good at. Kellin + I are always very supportive of anything that interests them + helps them express themselves.

SS: Explain what Youth Quaker means + how you came up with that name for your blog?
KQ: "Youthquake" was a movement in the 60's, they use to call "it girls" youthquakers. Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, all those young fashion icons were the center of this movement.

SS: Any new + exciting things we can expect from your addcting fashion blog?
KQ: My new website will be launching very soon so stay tuned for that, very exciting :)

SS: What would you tell your fifteen year old self?
KQ: I would tell my fifteen year old self to be patient, you will overcome your circumstances + eventually get to where you want to be.

SS: What is your favorite curse word? 
KQ: As a mother I've tried to rid myself of cursing but occasionally I let a little "shit" escape my mouth... Oops ;)

SS: People would be surprised to know that you...?
KQ: People would be surprised to know that I am actually very shy + introverted apposed to my very outgoing, silly husband!