Thursday, March 1, 2018



I haven't been on this blog in about 4 years!!! My last post was on my 22nd birthday & I will be 26 in 3 days. Wow things have dramatically changed. Until my website is back up, I will be posting here in the meantime. When I started to blog and mess around with fashion & social media I had no idea what it would become in the social media world years later. I stopped at a time where I was so busy and struggling trying to juggle what I had going on as well as a relationship that wasn't positive in my growth & visa versa. (We've all been there) I stopped fueling my creativity because my priorities somehow landed elsewhere & elsewhere was not self focused or self motivating. (Again, we've all been there.) A few years ago I started heavily on a fitness journey that basically started just because I wanted to look good for my first trip to Vegas... Typical ;) The addiction grew from there and was my main focus up until a few months ago when I had the urge to dive back into the fashion side of things. While I love fitness & will continue to be involved in trying to motivate others while working on my own progression, I have discovered my real passion (Aside from music) is fashion & creation in art. There is something about the creativity & expression behind it that is so interesting & oddly aesthetically satisfying.
So here I go, back at it & ready to share. I appreciate all of the love & support I receive through social media. You guys are who makes me want to keep creating, keep inspiring & keep fueling this passion. I am in return so grateful for each of you who care to follow my journey, who have for years, who have for a short amount of time. You guys inspire me!! I appreciate being able to reach people who are just as creative & like minded. Let's grow, let's support each other, let's win together.

PS - These headscarfs will be saving my life this summer when my hair is an absolute disaster!!
I am planning on collection all the scarfs I find ;)


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

twenty two

Twenty two ...Honestly never thought id live to see twenty one but it feels good to say im on my new journey of twenty two. This year has been full of so many things. Things this year have changed, & things have stayed. Ive changed zip codes, jobs, hair color, likes; dislikes. Made new friends, lost some. My sister & i have made it back to each other again. Jared & i are still together, just as in love as the first moment we layed eyes on each other in that airport for the first time, i will never love another like i love that man & not a single thing has changed there. My passions are still very much the same, i ache for the music i crave always, singing more & still i can see myself owning a small record label one day & scouting bands for a living along w producing. thats always been the goal. I found a new love for fashion & have been blessed to work w some insanely talented people from all over the world. Life has taken quite a toll on my health, body & sanity at times but i know everything will be okay someday & the pain will be gone. Its funny, sometimes i think day by day we often feel as though nothing is changing & then when we look back to years past we realize SO much has changed. Time goes by so fast its scary & life is so short. Im realizing lately that its easier just to give my hand to God & let him guide me rather than trying to control things myself & having more faith in Him & in myself. This year i hope to make a massive leap toward my end goal & dream, to visit my amazing momma & my home town more frequently, to just let go of the toxic things & people in life that serve no purpose, strengthen my walk with the Lord, get involved in organizations that inspire me & that are important to me, stand up for myself more often (learning that its okay to say "no"), see as many concerts & shows possible, fuel my creatitivity more than my work ethic & to always make steps to being better ....a better daughter, a better girlfriend, a better friend, a better me. Cheers to always striving to be a better person because in the end its all you have. You only have one name in this life so theres never a limit to bettering yourself. One foot in front of the other. Twenty two, im ready for you, bring it on. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

mens style

All about men today at the trends that im loving where men are involved. Not only am i insanely obsessed with a collared shirt & oversized coat on a man but im also into this style for women right now as well. I find everything i buy when it comes to tops & pants are two sizes up than i actually am & lots & lots of layering. As far as men go, i cant get enough of the grungy yet classy look which can be anything from a blazer over a partially undone button up, rolled up denim, & sneaks or tight black denim, hoodie, a leather jacket & boots. The more rugged the better. Don't get me wrong, i love a man in a fitted sut every once in a while but you can look just as classy with out looking like you tried too hard. Here are a few things im loving when it comes to mens wear, both dressy & street. Also some of my favorite mens colognes.

80% of your closet should look like the photo on the left. chambray, denim jackets, neutral tees & leather. Lots of it. (If i could stricktly be a mens stylist i would ...& i would play dress up in all of it.
Coats, sweaters, jackets & hoodies with elbow patches are always a good idea

a woman in a loose top tucked underneath an oversized coat & dark denim. you just cant go wrong

Black or grey denim, layers of shirts & sweaters topped off with a leather jacket = perfection
& dont forget that facial hair ...*drooling*

read it, breathe it, study it, eat it for dinner. 

suspenders never go out of style. just rock em

find yourself a good man bag & a pair of black boots that will go with everything


Get a coat in every neutral color. Black, grey, white & like ten camel/beige colored coats.

Ladies're welcome.

buy one of the "homburg" & one of the "panama" styles & DONT EVER think of even putting on any of the other styles. ;) 

A few of my favorite colognes. Enjoy.

AmberliJahn Xx

Monday, February 17, 2014

never too hood

White Rabbit is my favorite lately for comfortable tops + what is so rad about these is that they are hand painted. The beauty behind them is amazing & her creations are always witty + clever. I adore her + these "never too hood to do good" tanks are the best. I've been wearing this tank out or to clean the house + literally anything else. it goes perfectly with this chic "metal fan" necklace by my babe at Arrow Harte // I've paired the two with my favorite One Teaspoon cutoffs + my cowboy boots for a grungy casual look.

tank {white rabbit} shorts {one teaspoon} necklace {arrow harte} cuff {the oxford trunk} boots {vintage}