Thursday, March 1, 2018



I haven't been on this blog in about 4 years!!! My last post was on my 22nd birthday & I will be 26 in 3 days. Wow things have dramatically changed. Until my website is back up, I will be posting here in the meantime. When I started to blog and mess around with fashion & social media I had no idea what it would become in the social media world years later. I stopped at a time where I was so busy and struggling trying to juggle what I had going on as well as a relationship that wasn't positive in my growth & visa versa. (We've all been there) I stopped fueling my creativity because my priorities somehow landed elsewhere & elsewhere was not self focused or self motivating. (Again, we've all been there.) A few years ago I started heavily on a fitness journey that basically started just because I wanted to look good for my first trip to Vegas... Typical ;) The addiction grew from there and was my main focus up until a few months ago when I had the urge to dive back into the fashion side of things. While I love fitness & will continue to be involved in trying to motivate others while working on my own progression, I have discovered my real passion (Aside from music) is fashion & creation in art. There is something about the creativity & expression behind it that is so interesting & oddly aesthetically satisfying.
So here I go, back at it & ready to share. I appreciate all of the love & support I receive through social media. You guys are who makes me want to keep creating, keep inspiring & keep fueling this passion. I am in return so grateful for each of you who care to follow my journey, who have for years, who have for a short amount of time. You guys inspire me!! I appreciate being able to reach people who are just as creative & like minded. Let's grow, let's support each other, let's win together.

PS - These headscarfs will be saving my life this summer when my hair is an absolute disaster!!
I am planning on collection all the scarfs I find ;)